Welcome to Westerton Bowling Club's Official Website!

Westerton Bowling Club is located in Westerton suburb, between Glasgow and Bearsden.  It offers its members and guests a wide variety of bowling and social activities.

Bowling attracts players from a wide age group. Westerton Bowling Club likes to have a good mix of members of all ages right down to junior level.  In fact, our most successful players are some of the youngest members in the club and in many parts of the country and in other countries it is a very popular game with the 20 to 30 year old age groups.

There are many people of many ages and abilities who want to play lawn bowls and the beauty about the sport is that almost anyone can play. People with disabilities, teenagers and families of all ages can participate providing a common interest in a game that requires tactics and skill and providing a great social outlet.

We would encourage anyone who is interested to get in touch with us and give it a try - previous bowling knowledge is not necessary and we offer coaching from officially accredited bowling coaches.  You can also check out our Beginner's Guide to Lawn Bowls.

All people, young and old, are most welcome and we hope that you will pay us a visit and keep in touch with us via the website, email, Twitter and Facebook, so that you will be abreast of what's going on in the club and how you can be involved.

We hope that you will enjoy browsing our website and here you will find out a bit about the history of the club, achievements, competition information, news on bowling and social events, membership information and any special activities/offers that are available.

Please contact us for more information or view our memberships page which explains the memberships available.
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